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Kevin A. Legge BA AIT

Are you stressed about your website and what it isn’t doing for you? We have the cure…

Looking for a better small business website, one that puts you in control of your online marketing instead of making you feel like a confused techno fool? It’s time to take control of your domain…be the master. Vector Websites will empower you!

Vector Websites are Dynamic and easily Owner operated with a little training or can be maintained by a Vector WebMaster.



Vector Websites offers more than websites, We offer training and development of your web strategy. Make the most of your marketing dollars and be found by the people who need your services.

“I love technology and the way it empowers people and especially what it offers the entrepreneur.”
“I believe that every business no matter how big or small can benefit from a good internet strategy, delivering an afordable and effective solution is my mission”



Understanding todays technology and making it work is not everybody's forte. Fortunately at Vector we don't just work with technology, We work with people. It is not only the technology you use but also how you use it.